Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy


WHEN: 8 Wednesdays 10/5 – 11/30/2016 6-8 pm + Half Day Weekend Retreat

WHERE: Seeking Solace Yoga Studio, Overland Park, KS

RSVP: Call 913-735-5566 or visit www.MindfulKC.com

MBCT is a research-based course that combines aspects of cognitive behavior therapy with attitudes of mindfulness through meditative practices. Participants learn about habits of mind that contribute to distressing mood states (such as depression or anxiety) and develop a new way of relating to them. MBCT is correlated with decreased depression, anxiety, rumination, insomnia, and tension as well as increases in mindfulness, compassion, concentration, resilience, and optimism.

Participants say it helps them recognize their reactions and respond to them with greater self-
compassion and confidence. Instructor, Tracy Ochester, PsyD, RYT, is a licensed psychologist, qualified MBCT teacher, and registered yoga teacher. Call 913-735-5566 or register online for your FREE initial consultation to see whether MBCT is right for you.

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